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Tips to Delete JS/Agent.RQN!tr in few Simple Steps

JS/Agent.RQN!tr is identified as dangerous Trojan horse and it mostly hampers the Windows based PC. It is compatible with all the version of Windows operating system and causes severely damage on the targeted PC. However, if once it gets installed in your PC then it opens backdoor and allow other highly infectious threats such as spyware, worm, browser hijacker, etc to download into your PC. It also modify the browser settings like homepage, new tab and replaces the default search engine without your knowledge. It also create new entries into the Windows registry so that each time you boot your Windows PC it automatically gets activated. It also alters the DNS settings without your permission.

Along with this, JS/Agent.RQN!tr turn off the firewall protection and disable the anti-virus program that is already installed in your PC without any authorization. Due to such evil practices its detection and removal becomes tough. Beside this, you will also experience sluggish PC performance, freezing or system crash issues, even PC users face redirection issues. It block your IP address and collect your personal data including other confidential data like bank account, credit card details, password, username, etc and it send all these details to the cyber criminals. More-over, it ransomly delete or corrupt your important system files, unexpected error occurs while accessing legit program or applications, etc. This is really a harmful Trojan virus and its presence compromise the security of your Windows PC. Hence, it is strongly recommended to remove JS/Agent.RQN!tr Trojan from your computer system.

Scan PC to Remove JS/Agent.RQN!tr

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